welcome to my corner of the internet.

hello. i'm darroh and this is my site. i thought i'd make it somewhere, someday, and so i did somehow. the drawing boards have been newly cleared and the visualization process has finalized to bring you what you see here before you.
before i overwhelm you with little figurative musings i'll explain what all the different pages do.

home is what you see here. a landing page for the debaucherous explorers who descend upon this grainfield.

thoughts is both a journal and a place for me to ramble about whatever. i can't guarantee anything making even a little sense.

music is the mental treehouse up to which i climb to fanboy. be it about a certain group of prog rock minstrels i love or others.

about me is where i introduce myself to you. pull open my pores like filing cabinets for your prying eyes at your discretion.

that's that. i hope that's good enough of an explanation of all that.. maybe it's a little too convoluted. do a bit of clockwork thinking and you'll eventually click with the answer like the hour hand strikes midnight.

please enjoy the rest of this site (as far as you can. it's very fresh and still under construction)